Boarding Adviser Program

The advising program in the boarding community focuses on the social and emotional development of every boarding student. Each dorm parent has between four and seven advisees that they watch over and care for throughout the year. These advisees live in the same dorm as their adviser.


The adviser oversees the transition of a new boarding student into Baylor’s community. They check in with each advisee several times each week, including a 30-minute period every Wednesday morning. The adviser works with parents, dorm parents, coaches and teachers to help the student achieve personal growth throughout his or her time at Baylor.


The adviser helps each advisee find opportunities to contribute responsibly and ethically to the community. The adviser works in tandem with parents to help in the development of social skills that allow for positive relationships with peers and adults. The adviser, along with the rest of the dorm team, creates an environment where integrity and respect for self and others is paramount.


Well-developed relationships are the key to a productive community and the adviser program is one of the primary ways to track and to meet those needs.