Our Boarding School

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The Baylor Community

The sense of community that exists in Baylor's residential life program starts with an exceptional team of dorm parents. To keep schedules and activities on track, dorm parents work with prefects – student leaders who help fellow students with everything from homesickness to homework. They also help plan some of the most fun events on campus, including the “Clash” dorm competition and the legendary skit night during Baylor-McCallie week (inspired by our most intensive football rivalry).

The strength and support of our boarding community allow you to grow in ways most students won’t experience until college. With the Baylor family behind you, just about anything is possible.

Our Residential Life Program helps you reach your full potential. We believe that Baylor teaches during the day, but the education continues well into the night in our residential community. We take great care to assist our students in developing:

  • Skills that support and teach effective study habits for successful life-long learning.
  • Opportunities and ability to contribute responsibly and ethically to the school, dorms, etc.
  • Skills that allow for feelings of self-worth and effectiveness as students deal with daily responsibilities and challenges.
  • Social skills that allow for positive relationships with peers and adults.
  • A knowledge base and skills that encourage positive, safe, health-protective behaviors.

Weekend and Daily Activities

There are two malls, five movie theaters, roller skating, paintball, galleries, coffeehouses, boutiques, horseback riding and hundreds of other things to do within twenty minutes of campus, and our Student Activities team takes full advantage of these incredible resources by scheduling events and activities throughout the week and especially on weekends. Students are encouraged to check their email and to stop by the Student Center for updates on activities and outings. Plus, our Student Activities staff is more than happy to help students organize an event or activity that meets their interests!

Location, location, location

As if our amazing campus isn't enough, Baylor is fortunate to be located only three miles from a downtown area that includes movie theatres, art galleries, laid-back coffee houses, and enough restaurants to make choosing a delicious dilemma.

Want more action?

Chattanooga scores big with the Lookouts minor league baseball team, Division I college athletics, and an annual lineup of national softball, soccer, and tennis tournaments. Plus, the surrounding mountains and waterways are a breathtaking backdrop for every outdoor sport from whitewater rafting to mountain biking.

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It is difficult to give an accurate picture of a “typical” day at Baylor. Schedules are based on a student's interests, grade level and their extracurricular activities. Below is a basic daily schedule:

  • 7:30 am - Breakfast
  • 8:00 am - Extra Help with faculty
  • 8:40 am - 3:30 pm - Class
  • 4 pm - Afternoon activity or athletics
  • 5:30 pm - 7 pm - Dinner
  • 8 pm -10 pm - Study Hours
  • 10 pm – 11 pm - Finish homework
  • 11 pm - Lights Out