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Baylor isn’t just an education – it's a way of life! Our Student Activities team, residential life team, and faculty and staff are all dedicated to helping students experience Baylor life at its fullest...

Baylor's Vibrant Community

When you are making a decision on a new school, you are looking at a lot more than classes. And if you are considering a boarding school, you’ve also added "where to live" and "what to do on weekends" to your list. In this section we will help you get acquainted with our community as you begin to envision the full scope of life at Baylor.

Enjoy the Quadpod - Baylor Stories from All Angles!

Welcome to "The Quadpod," a podcast highlighting life at Baylor School in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Inspired by the many converging paths on our campus where faculty, staff, students, alumni and families meet, we bring you stories from all angles, told by many voices. Listen here, or simply search for the Baylor Quadpod online or wherever you get your podcasts. Listen to the latest QuadPod episode below.

Some Favorite Places on Campus (360 Views)

Community Voices

Every high school has its social divisions among students, but what's so great about Baylor's community is its ability to cross those divisions to care for others. No matter who you are, your classmates and friends will come together and help you through any hardship.

Jake Shuptrine ’14
Day Student, Chattanooga, TN

To anyone who is hesitant about boarding school, I have seen in myself and others that it does a great job of helping shy kids to get out their shell and find their role in a supportive and loving community…I have never felt like someone didn't care about how I was adjusting to a new school and a new culture far away from home.

Annelise Kollevoll ’14
Boarding Student from McLean, VA

I was adopted after being found on a riverbank and now I live in Lupton Hall with dorm parent and Walkabout instructor Bett Adams. Every afternoon I get to tag along on canoe trips, hikes, or whatever fun outdoor things are going on -- and all of my Baylor people friends love to play with me. I am one lucky dog!

Ernie Adams
Walkabout Mascot

Jack lives in an apartment overlooking Lupton Circle with his wife Penny, Hunter Hall dorm head and English instructor, and their two children, Gus and Redding. "It’s the greatest neighborhood in the world. It’s a surreal community – I don’t think there is another place like this to live."

Jack Batt
Social Studies Instructor

There is always a steady stream of students (and visiting alumni) who gravitate to the grille for some straight-talk with Miss Kitty, who has worked at Baylor for nearly 40 years. “If I really wasn’t concerned about the kids, I wouldn’t work here. I like being around them and watching over them. This is what I like [about Baylor]. We are always thinking about the kids. And once they leave Baylor, they are still with you in your heart.

Carolyn “Miss Kitty” Wadley
Student Center Grille Manager

At home [Serbia] there was no such thing as competing for your school. At Baylor I was shocked by the support that the sports teams got from their classmates.

Marko Mandic '14
Boarding Student from Serbia

The Middle School is a close-knit supportive community and each student helps one another grow into a strong young person. A mix of care, camaraderie, and individuality creates an environment that is truly special to Baylor.

Grace McKenney '18
Day Student, Chattanooga TN

This school is filled with brilliant, funny, engaging teachers. They aren't afraid to push you, but they will encourage you every step of the way.

Austin Ngo '14
Boarding Student from China

What Will You Participate in at Baylor?

There is no question that life at Baylor extends beyond the classroom. In addition to the afternoon activity that is required of all students, most students also get involved in clubs and other organizations that match their interests. How will you enrich your Baylor experience? Select a button below to begin the conversation.

Where Will Baylor Lead You?

At Baylor, you will discover experiences that you won’t find anywhere else. We offer a broad array of opportunities along with specialized programs that are nationally recognized. We can’t wait to send you more information so you can see if Baylor is a good fit!

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