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Periaktoi's mission is to produce a journal of art and literature that reflects the diversity of experience and inspiring talent present in the Baylor community. Art and literature provide unique value to our community and serve as a vehicle for expressing the inexpressible, for exploring human experience in all its varied dimensions. In recognition of this value, Periaktoi seeks to promote access and expand interest in the arts at Baylor, while providing a forum for artists, musicians and writers to showcase their work to the broader community.

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AP 2D Portfolio by Claire Manning
  • AP Portfolio
Claire Manning

We are constantly being flooded with ideas from pop culture and social media about how we are supposed to look, dress, and act. These ideas of who we “should be” are also coming from our peers and previous generations. With all of this constantly influencing us, it can be difficult to separate who we really are from who we present ourselves as. My concentration portrays the twelve zodiac signs because we look to astrology for guidance on who we are – even if it is not logical.

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AP 2D Portfolio by Catherine Cansler
  • AP Portfolio
Catherine Cansler

My theme is an exploration of the playful nature of cats and kittens via watercolor designs. I wanted to create designs that showed the curious side of cats and their whimsical nature by making their body shapes morph into playful forms. The design possibilities that occurred when placing a loose grid over the background of the animals was also very important. I realized the exploration of movement, rhythm, pattern and emphasis was endless with this subject.

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AP 3D Portfolio by Anthony Kranis
  • AP Portfolio
Anthony Kranis

I have concentrated on the development of a stoneware dinner and dessert set for personal use. I emphasize functionality and focus on objects I personally value like the coffee carafe and dip-serving dish. This concentration allowed me to explore a diverse body of forms while also honing replication skills though the creation of goblet, mug, and plate sets. I layer glazes and use the same pattern of rutile and red iron oxide stain to link all these pieces together.

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AP Drawing Portfolio by Gabrielle Poteet
  • AP Portfolio
Gabrielle Poteet

My portfolio encompasses a range of simple, intricate, monotone, colorful, and free flowing works of horses. I showcased the ways in which one can explore different mediums and feelings while still using horses as my only subject matter. I chose to use large sizes to represent the real-life largeness of a horse. They also encompass the movement, and stillness, in my life that I am experiencing at this moment.

Click for More about AP Drawing Portfolio by Gabrielle Poteet
AP Drawing Portfolio by Emma Campbell
  • AP Portfolio
Emma Campbell

Growing up, my grandfather was always my hero. He was always traveling and going on mission trips to Africa. Every drawing in my portfolio is based off of photos he took while on his trips and stories he told me. I wanted to express my pride in my grandfather for all he has done to help better other lives by putting the same time and care he puts into helping others into these drawings.

Click for More about AP Drawing Portfolio by Emma Campbell

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Volume 52
Issue 2

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Team Periaktoi Spring 2018

Connie Hui
Vera Jin

Art Director
Connie Hui

Visual Art Editor
Connie Hui

Writing Editor
John Liu
Vera Jin

Connie Hui
Rachel Liu

Media Editor
Rachel Liu
Sorya Meyer

Faculty Advisors
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Contributors of this Issue
Allison Cook
Anthony Kranis
Baylor Pillow
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Catherine Cansler
Claire Manning
Connie Hui
Dane Hamilton
Darya Bajestani
Ellie Raughton
Elizabeth Hayslett
Elodie Nix
Emily Hale
Emma Campbell
Gabrielle Poteet
Gaston Leroux
Gonna Ringler
Gracen Ford
Jack Tucker
Jeff VanderMeer
Jenna Azzouz
Kelsey Holden
Kevin Yang
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Miles Kadrie
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Zoe Rye

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