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Periaktoi's mission is to produce a journal of art and literature that reflects the diversity of experience and inspiring talent present in the Baylor community. Art and literature provide unique value to our community and serve as a vehicle for expressing the inexpressible, for exploring human experience in all its varied dimensions. In recognition of this value, Periaktoi seeks to promote access and expand interest in the arts at Baylor, while providing a forum for artists, musicians and writers to showcase their work to the broader community.

Visual Art, Writing, Music & More

Sarah Anne Evans

The Baylor Orchestra, under the direction of Tom Schow, performs an original work composed by Baylor student Sarah Anne Evans ’18. Recorded: Mon, 18 April 2016

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Middle School Street Art
Middle School

8th graders learn about street art and are particularly inspired by the mysterious London based artist known as Banksy. Employing his techniques, students craft a stencil and use spray paint to highlight a social issue that has a particular importance to them. The topics often include controversial issues such as pollution, body image, and sexual orientation.

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Middle School Insect Drawings
Middle School

In the sixth grade students' first project, they use charcoal to create a gradient change and a sense of space. Then, studying 18th century French engravings, they are challenged to draw insects accurately and with as many details as possible. They then write a haiku about their piece in their English class which they then have to incorporate into the composition.

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Volume 50
Issue 2

Team Periaktoi

Periaktoi Team Members May 2016

Emma Siegel
Teresa Zhang

Art Director
Lynn Jiang

Media Editor
Elliott Brakebill

Visual Art Editor
Teresa Zhang

Writing Editor
Teresa Zhang

Web Editors
El Brakebill
Caterina Felgueira

Anne Thomas Hooper
Lynn Jiang
Isabella Kong
Aleena Potluri
Teresa Zhang

Faculty Advisors
Bernard Fertal
Melissa Pojasek

Contributers this Issue
Rileigh Arrington
Keaton Baker
Olivia Bettis
Ellie Bixler
Elliott Brakebill
Dawson Brown
Taegan Bunch
Annalise Butler
Daniel Iturri Calvo
Grace Carlson
Lilli Carlton
Garrett Carmichael
Caleb Chaudry
Alec Coussoule
Rose Dallimore
Chloe Eachus
Ke'Lynn Enalls
Gabriella Gray
Gersh Green
Lynn Gui
Elizabeth Hayslett
Donner Hill
Michael Ho
Anne Thomas Hooper
Connie Hui
Rachel Hurby
Margie Hussey
Rose Hutcheson
Katherine Jefferson
Lynn Jiang
Brandon Johnson
Dustin Johnson
Miles Kadrie
Jack Kirby
Isabella Kong
Anthony Kranis
Jennie Kwon
Mya Long
Kevin Lu
Ada Ludwick
Abby McNamara
Hailey Miller
Amelia Moore

Alex Mozingo
Sam Musick
Dylan Nash
Kate Padilla
Franny Pettway
Maggie Pierce
Baylor Pillow
Wiley Pippenger
Erin Ray
Ara Rhodes
Cecilia Rodriguez
Mani Ross
Kayla Runyan
Zoe Rye
Emma Seigel
Eric Shibata
Will Snead
Sarah Sumida
Sydney Anne Sutherland
Marly Toledanno
Samuel Townsend
Kari Watson
Dexter Webb
Oscar Williams (pseudonym)
Eric Wu
Naomi Wu

Lily Zabel
Liam Zhang

Special Thanks to
Betsy Carmichael
Lee Casson
Amy Cohen
Judy Condon

Beth Gumnick
Julie King
Heath Montgomery
William Montgomery
Jason Oswald
Mary Lynn Portera
Laura Willett

Published by the students of Baylor School since 1966

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