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Periaktoi's mission is to produce a journal of art and literature that reflects the diversity of experience and inspiring talent present in the Baylor community. Art and literature provide unique value to our community and serve as a vehicle for expressing the inexpressible, for exploring human experience in all its varied dimensions. In recognition of this value, Periaktoi seeks to promote access and expand interest in the arts at Baylor, while providing a forum for artists, musicians and writers to showcase their work to the broader community.

Visual Art, Writing, Music & More

Issue Archives

Volume 56
Issue 1

Team Periaktoi

Team Periaktoi Spring 2022

Tina Zheng

Managing Editor
Angela Yoon

Visual Art Editors
Reyna Park
Evelyn Stein

Writing Editors
Alisha Chandra
Marshall McGahey

Media Editor
Julia Gardner

Faculty Advisor
Bernard Fertal

Contributors to this Issue
Laura Kathryn Anderson
Paxton Anderson
Nathan Andreotti
Sophia Baleeiro
May Bankston
Hollyn Blair
Agatha Blocker
Watson Brown
Elizabeth Bruce
Grace Burks
Thomas Burr
Taylor Butts
Catherine Campbell
Amanda Chen
Spencer Chinery
Emma Cox
Lacy Creswell
Ally Creswell
Siena Damkier
Benjamin Daniel
Emily Dotson
John Emendorfer
Evan Eubanks
Alice Fang
Cate Fisher
Riley Foster
Laney Fowler
Leighann Franklin
Lucy Good
Pierce Grantham
Florence Green
Kye Hamilton
Rees Hamilton
Sophie Hartung
Colby Hawk
Grace Henderson
Edie Herndon
Max Hickman
Sarah Hill
Julia Hoff
Claire Holtzclaw
Joe Howalt
Hunter Huckabay
Sidney Kiner
Michael Kinsey
Bridger Knee
Penelope Kwun
Amelia Langston
Bella Lehman
Lea Masson
Mimi Masson
Riley Mauldin
Owen McDaniel
Aidan McRorie
Isabella Moore
Charlotte Murphree
E Ogorsolka
Maya Patel
Anne Payne
Mary Evelyn Pearce
Autumn Phillips
Marguerite Pippenger
Anna Plocica
Esther Prantil-Evans
Hans Renlund
Finn Ryan
Punch Sakulvongtana
Saylor Scearce
Caroline Schneck
Alia Sherrow
Jack Smith
Lindsay Smith
Maggie Smith
Olive Smith
Reade Smith
Sara Grace Snead
Evelyn Stein
Caroline Stickley
Lucy Sutter
Maggie Tansor
Justin Todd
Meg Trammell
Mavis Wang
Cooper Wick
Madisen Williams
Meya Yangzhen
Carson Yates
Ashley Yim
Baker Young
Cecilia Yuan
Tony Zhang
Tina Zheng

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