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Periaktoi's mission is to produce a journal of art and literature that reflects the diversity of experience and inspiring talent present in the Baylor community. Art and literature provide unique value to our community and serve as a vehicle for expressing the inexpressible, for exploring human experience in all its varied dimensions. In recognition of this value, Periaktoi seeks to promote access and expand interest in the arts at Baylor, while providing a forum for artists, musicians and writers to showcase their work to the broader community.

Visual Art, Writing, Music & More

Issue Archives

Volume 54
Issue 1

Team Periaktoi

Team Periaktoi Winter 2020

John Liu

Visual Art Editor
Shirley Zhang

Writing Editors
John Liu

Media Editors
Steven Yao

Faculty Advisors
Bernard Fertal
Melissa Pojasek

Contributors to this Issue
Eli Andrews
Rosa Anderson-Barrera
Paxton Anderson
Creighton Arrington
Claire Austin
Orly Berke
Nicholas Brando
Eli Bowen
Mary Buchanan
Ian Campbell
Frankie Chamberlain

Caroline Chapman
Amanda Chen
Irene Chen
Rachel Chen
Raegyn Conley

Sam Crouse
Reese Dixon

Emily Eachus
John Gilbert
Sierra Haberhern
Starr Hinton
Ashleigh Huang
Cannon Hunt
Anika Iqbal
Alyssa Kim
Elizabeth Lau

Jade Liu
Jenny Liu
Natalie Lopez-Durel
Evelyn Ludwick
Dana Mays
Alexa McCarren
Sorya Meyer
Saad Mohammad
Max Montague
Robert Morton

Holland Moss
Riley Murdock

Sophie Peirano
Reed Petty
Haley Rice
Grace Rollins
Marina Rosenlund

Jacky Song
Molly Stanfield
Dillard Sutherland
Skylar Taylor
Ellie Tomisek
Gracie Tomisek
David Turner
Coda Voyles
Jake Weekley
Serena Xiao
Zoe Xie
Steven Yao
Lauren Yim
Tina Zheng


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