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Periaktoi Writing Post

Volume 53
Issue 2

Single Visual Art Post

  • Poetry
"Wolf Whisperer" & 2 More
Matthew Davis
Wolf Whisperer

On a speck,

A windswept, seal-draped rock,

A stick figure of a wolf materializes

In British Columbia.

Two muzzles plod across

The land bridge,

The bold Matriarch

Coughs—a hostile chuff.

Fur stalks nearer,

Barely a howling distance,

The pair, vilified and glorified,

Disappears from the fine-grain picture.

Amber eyes, coming.

Bigger. Staring. Staring.

The carnivores, abruptly,

Lose interest.

Sniffs air, lies down,

And gazes out across

The wild Pacific Ocean.

Source: National Geographic Magazine, “In Search of the Elusive Sea Wolf Along Canada’s Rugged Coast” by Susan McGrath

Trekking for Berries

A large birch tree,

Grasses and bushes,

Native granites and dangerous boulders,

A cobble footpath, short but steep,


Behind a dark mature forest,

A magnificent singular shore—extremely quiet,

Old eagle nest remnants.

Walk a narrow plank

To the headwaters of the Great Meadows.

Watch your footing

For shortcuts from Jerusalem

Mountain always have old bogs.

Take another trail to

The open understory.


There, abundant—


Source: Isle au Haut Trail Guide by Robert G. Gerber

Through TIME

I learned after my $190,000 open-heart surgery

Why Modi matters,

What Starbucks knows about America,

And who killed summer.

Elizabeth Warren? Kanye? or Iran?

It will change when the attack on Believers nip and tuck. Deal with it.

The highly diverse, curiously underfunded

And strangely promising world of pot science

Will change the world of a cop in Ferguson. Deal with it.

The frontiers of longevity are beating the odds—

How long can it last?

Fight for black lives. Change the cancer gap. Deal with it.

The strangers who ate my food and wore my pants—why America

Should stay out of the Isis trap. Deal with it.

XQ? They’re the most powerful painkillers ever invented, they write

Their own rules in the Bush family business. Deal with it.

Game of Thrones is ending. Deal with it.


Hounding Obama,

Haunting Hillary,

And paving the way for Colbert 2016. Deal with it.

Sources: Time Magazine Covers, January 19—September 7, 2015

Sestina Margarita

Red-eye @ 3

Blue-sky high

Green-light, take off

White-fluffy clouds

Orange-cones, direct


Black-coffee morning

Red-beans & rice

Orange-juice w/ pulp

Blue-berry pie ah lah mode

White-chocolate mocha

Green-eggs & ham!

Green-apple martini, with an olive

#Blacktieaffair. Be there

White-table cloth, pristine

Red-wine, spilled, oops!

Blue-s by Johnny $


Orange-Ford, hailed

Green-bill, couple Bens

Blue-driver, collared

Black-cracked (faux)leather

Red-lights, blinking

White-lines, labyrinth.

White-marbled columns, standing

Orange-flowers, greeting

Red-carpet, leading

Green-button, up, heaving

Black-dress, inviting

Blue-drapes, concealing.

Blue-scratchy comforter

White-linen, technically cream

Black-darkness, insomnia

Orange-globes, come up Sun!

Green-numerals, 3:06am

Red-patterns, dancing?

Blue-carpet, priority, orange-rays, beginning

White-walls, a capsule, green-Beats, soothing

Black-tires sprinting, red-eye, bye…