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Volume 50
Issue 1

Single Visual Art Post

  • Poetry
"Waiting for the Soul to Catch Up" & "Heart"
Andrew Butt
Waiting for the Soul to Catch Up

What is the value of travel

All my real feelings and wants traveled in the Inaudible noise

Sometimes the body moves somewhere

Too quickly for the soul

And the soul is taking

It's sweet-ass time to catch up

The soul is not on speaking terms with the body

The body is a lonely animal

You might just get up and leave everything

See if I care

It's a wonderful life

Yeah, uh-huh, sure

I thought I detected a bit of wonder in his voice

One way flight to New Zealand

The hottest transsexual flight attendant

Maybe her mind was a puppy

Do you remember her shoes?

For at least an hour I walked

Will you stop talking to your own shoes

And imagining them talking back at you

I'd read on that map at the airport:

A garden with no wildebeest tracks

Time goes to sleep.

Oh honey, how are you feeling this morning

How is sleeping in the garden shed?

I thought to wait for the soul

Source: Nobody is Ever Missing By: Catharine Lacey



The most important part of the body is the heart --

It is a vital organ.

Let’s talk science,

More specifically biology.

The heart is key for life,

Delivering nutrients and transporting waste all around the body from the chest.

Out of all the things needed for a homeostatic body, the key lies in your chest.

You need to keep a healthy heart!

This matter actually is death or life!

It is the first organ

Formed in a fetus, biology

Says. Don’t you just love science!

Contrary to popular belief, and according to science,

The heart's job is not to love, but to sit in the chest

And push blood around the body. Speaking from a biological

Point of view, the part of the brain that controls love is the amygdala, not the


The heart is simply an organ

And plays no emotional part in life.

Wanna know more about your heart's life?

Well here's some science:

Cancer is extremely uncommon in this organ.

It is approximately the size of your two hands clasped together in your chest.

The higher your education the smaller your chance of having a diseased heart.

The blue whale has the biggest heart out of all the animals, biologically.

So now that we've talked biology,

Let's discus positive changes you can make to your life.

Regular exercise is great for the heart.

Being happy scientifically

Helps the muscly organ in your chest,

And destressing your mind also helps destress this organ.

Out of all of the organs

In the body, biologically,

This single organ in your chest,

The one that's responsible for your living,

According to science,

Is your heart.

RECAP TIME! This organ is around the size of two hands clasped together, no

human being with out a heart can live.

If you want to study the heart you should look up some biology. Science

states that heart attacks cause chest pain. And you should most definitely take

care of your heart.

After reading hundreds upon hundreds of poems about the heart in an

emotional sense I was sick of them, so I decided to write a poem about the actual

function of a heart from an atomically point of view. After drawing on prior

knowledge, I finally had enough information to construct and informational poem

about the heart.