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Volume 55
Issue 1

Single Visual Art Post

  • Essay
Travel Essay - Wesley Sumner
Wesley Sumner


Who were the early travelers? What did they make, how long did they stay? Imagine you
were with the first people coming to Peru, many years ago, from many different places. You
walked upon mountains that are now the ruins of Peru, carrying-what? Clothing, tools, rocks?
Did you walk up empty handed and sweating after such a long hike? You came a long way and no one knew your reasoning. You were hikers who didn’t know where they were, or children who ran away, or you just wanted something new. Whatever scenario you survived and made it, but when you arrived you found nothing familiar. Your mind was full of images that you remembered from your previous home or voyage. You dreamed of mountains, birds, animals, and stars. But none of those memories could help you in the place full of strangers. Giant mountains stood before you, alpacas roamed the lands. There were insects and birds in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Here was a place waiting for your impact. Day by day you collected and built, collected and built. Most of the animals and things you built are gone now, and tourists and travelers have taken the place. Eventually, it is seen as a wonder, ruins, and a place to hike. The ruins have been preserved, and going there is a gift. So you name it Machu Picchu.