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Volume 55
Issue 1

Single Visual Art Post

  • Essay
Travel Essay - Holland Moss
Holland Moss


The final night of the trip was all bitter, no sweet. The looming reality of returning to the
States placed a dumbbell on my shoulders, and it threatened to drag me into sorrow, ruining the
night. Paris, the city of lovers and light, was now the city of endings for me. The balcony was too
small for a chair, or for two, so I sat alone on the cold concrete staring out into the narrow
Parisian streets. The distant sounds of the city pressured me to reminisce the two months I had
been away, and I thought about how I’d hear those sounds in my dreams for weeks, yearning to
wake from those dreams and be back in Paris. A bird’s call ripped me into reality and back to the
fleeting hours of the last day; peace replaced the weight sitting on my shoulders as I lost myself
to the Parisian sunset.