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Periaktoi Writing Post

Volume 52
Issue 1

Single Visual Art Post

  • Essay
Title Unknown
Dane Hamilton


Title Unknown


I feel the soothing roll of the boat as it treads across the ocean. I know it is the ocean because I can smell the salt. My wrists bleed from the handcuffs that chain me to the wall. Sasha rests her head in my lap and we sit listening to the hum of the engines and waves crashing against the hull.

Growing up in Maryland I lived a very sheltered but normal life. I was a good kid. I always did what my parents told me. I made straight A's, I went to bed on time, and I never partied. I worked really hard on my grades and I never got into trouble. In my house there were severe consequences for breaking even the slightest rule, so I always did what I was told and worked hard. In my home we always had a policy of "You won't do those things so we are not going to talk about them."

I was good at school but I never really enjoyed it. I always loved to draw and that's what I usually did in my free time but I also loved singing. I got accepted to the Art Institute of Virginia Beach, and I was so excited to be out of the house and live on my own. When I got to college I loved it! At first I did well in class, but I enjoyed the freedom the most. Without parents I could do whatever I wanted and I started to go to parties. My mind was blown and I could not believe the things I had missed out in in high school. At first just drinking was fun but I wanted more so I stared smoking weed, but eventually the weed just wasn't enough. Eventually I had tried LSD, ecstasy, cocaine, and heroine. Heroine became my thing and at first I thought I was just something I did on the weekends but it turned into so much more.

I desperately needed my fix and I worked really hard at my job to try and make as much money as I could. When I couldn't get enough money my dealers would let me do favors for them so I gained a bit of a reputation on the streets. Last week, things got real bad and "g," one of my dealers threatened me if I didn't pay him back in cash. I eventually got him the money but all of my dealers refused to deal to me anymore. I became desperate and a guy I met online said he could help me, so I went to work, picked up my paycheck and drove to the address he sent me.

He gave me the drugs, a lot of them, and then I blacked out. When I came to I had a bag over my head and I was chained to at least two other girls, one on each side. Since then I have been used. They keep me doped up and I do things for them. They make me do thing I don't want to do and when I become too much of an issue, they stick a needle in my arm and I usually pass out. Just two days ago I was thrown on a boat with Sasha and neither of us have any idea where we are going.