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Volume 49
Issue 1

Single Visual Art Post

The Last Note
Sho Takiguchi
The Last Note

In the Sunday morning when the city of San Francisco is still in sleep, a police and several vehicles urgently pull into Washburn Street where the post-nineteenth Century style of Italianate housings are lined along on the hill. Near the end of street is the lemon-yellow house spotted with streams of blue and red lights, and neighbors are trying to peak in and gossiping from a distance; those housemothers are always in obsession with newly-arrived scandals. On the other hand, Kelly stands anxiously in the front porch with her consort while explaining to John Steven, a mid-aged detective in the town. Her daughter has been missing since the last


Past two days, Kelly was gone to Los Angeles for a concert of the Eagles which she booked a year in advance for her thirtieth anniversary with Jeff and surely had a relaxing excursion together. However, when they returned home at midnight, Kelly saw her daughter in

“Are you okay?” she approached to Colleen.

“... (Sobbing)” nothing else but only her sobbing noise in the silence told the situation.

Kelly immediately recognized that something happened between Colleen and Jeff, her intimate boyfriend, because this was not the first but rather becoming more frequent recently. When Colleen was ready for a talk, she opened her mouth and started to explain about the party which she had done secretly without telling parents.

“I feel terribly awful to tell you now, but I threw a party here several hours before you guys came back."

As a freshman in college and still a teenager, Colleen wanted to be the lead of her friends’ group so that she invited them to her house while Kelly and Jeff were away. Especially, teenagers like Colleen are all about displaying themselves in vogue and maintaining relationships with friends under pure-pressures.

Kelly, though most parents would reprimand their children for mis-behaviour, is a type of mother who could never punish her daughter strictly. Since the first time Colleen was born, she had been pouring a plethora of love and raising Colleen gingerly. But consequently, Kelly’s nurture might have caused repercussions.

Originally the party was supposed to last until the midnight from six o’clock; however, it ended before ten when many of her friends worried about Jeff’s overconsumption of bourbon and marijuana which made him uncontrollable.

Empty Solo cups and bags of chips lay on the floor, and the house was a total mess. Colleen actually knew Jeff had surreptitious history of drug offense and assault in the past, but she fell in love with him who provided his ardent love towards her. Thus, Colleen was so dependent on the relationship that she could not easily take a step back. Nevertheless, Colleen was finally wearied enough and revealed her real feelings after had the party settled down. Calmly Jeff listened to Colleen and left the house with the complete agreement.

When the long talk with Kelly ended, she went to the kitchen for a cup of water. Mysteriously, she left a note “follow me if you care” as if she still hoped for the return of Jeff.

That was the last time Kelly saw Colleen—12:30AM.