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Periaktoi Writing Post

Volume 53
Issue 1

Single Visual Art Post

  • Poetry
The Intelligence Officer’s Tale
Daniel Snyder

The Intelligence Officer’s Introduction

There was an intelligence officer,

Who investigated crimes for others.

He was employed by the C.I.A.,

However, he did not always obey,

The rules for he throughly loved to tell,

Stories of bosses by which he was compelled.

He was very handsome, charming, and tall,

Dressed in a suit, he was a sight to all.

He made his presence known in any crowd,

Although he was not especially loud.

Intelligence Officer’s Tale

I learned of my tale from a trusted friend,

It offers a path for one to ascend.

The story begins twenty years ago,

A man was arrested while lying low,

To dodge the police that he had outrun,

For he had stolen an illegal gun.

The name of the man who found him was James,

Who had set the home of the man to flames,

The prisoner said his name was John,

Who set out to use poor James as a pawn.

One day James visited John in his cell.

James wanted more in life, which John could tell.

John offered money so he could be free.

James needed cash, so he gave John the key.

James felt bad, because now John had no home,

And so in his own house, James let John roam.

John told James where to find more criminals,

James jailed them, for it was not difficult.

James climbed through the ranks of the C.I.A.

His ascent was wrong for he used foul play.

And to this day, he remains high in rank,

‘Cause few know of John, who he has to thank.