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Periaktoi Writing Post

Volume 55
Issue 1

Single Visual Art Post

  • Poetry
the details of the torn tapestry
Patrick Russell
purple is water washing, 
over banks of golden earth, 
smelling ancient yet alive, 
cold and calming. 
purple is the warmth of an embrace, 
a friend showing care, 
staying the surge of fears, 
keeping the ocean calmed. 
purple is the sound of laughter, 
as we move faster than god herself, 
the chaos swirling around us, 
we ignore the pain. 
purple is the beauty of music, 
soaring high above the clouds, 
voices swell with such power, 
as to make apollo weep. 
purple is cold coffee, 
soothing and energizing, 
recalling love, 
creating strength. 
purple is the paint on my eyes, 
a small act of courage, 
resistant and beautiful, 
sharing myself. 
purple is the small joys of life, 
that distract from suffering, 
temporary yet ever present, 
fresh anew each morning. 
purple is my life, 
confused yet wondrous, 
painted with a stained brush, 
a torn tapestry made into something greater.