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Periaktoi Writing Post

Volume 52
Issue 2

Single Visual Art Post

  • Essay
Emily Hale


With my head resting peacefully against the wooden planks of the dock, the first initial bite of the cool water strikes me and climbs up my legs as my back floats on a rainbow lawn chair. My feet slowly glide over the calm water of the lake, occasionally being nibbled by tadpoles. It's dark turquoise in color and shaped like a perfectly flat disc of metal; looking carefully, I can see the luminous scales of the fish. Every now and then, a herd of tiny jumping fish race across the glowing surface of the lake as if they were being chased by the police. Out deeper into the lake, flopping trout slap the surface. They hope to catch flies from the swarm that hovers the water. The beat of the water hitting the bank is gentle like the rhythmic melody that resembles the beat of a human heart. I bask in the beauty of the ripples dancing across the lake with no obstruction or hesitation. My eyes act as the lens of a camera producing photographs of this specific moment, which is a moment that will never be exactly the same again.   

As my eyes begin to close and my mind begins to doze into dreams, nature wakes me up. Bird's chirping tones soon grow into an inharmonious large chorus, yet it's beautiful to my ears. The bumbling of bees, the chirping of cicadas, and the soft swish of the grass is an orchestra playing the perfect symphony. A soft rustling of leaves, accompanied by the snap of a twig, shows signs that the furry locals are scurrying by. A rabbit with glistening coffee colored fur, flashing panicked eyes, rapidly twitching nostrils, and big floppy ears dash into a bush upon seeing me. The calming breeze tickles my ears, and I faintly hear it whispering secrets to me. Every time the wind passes by, it leaves behind the subtly sweet scent of honeysuckles and the stark smell of pines that causes my nose to twitch.  

The sun is a rosy apricot color, and the sky is as clear as sapphire, spotted with fluffy, white clouds that are interrupted by airplanes flying by. The sky looked even more radiant in the lake's reflection; it added a glittery appeal to it, almost magical.  I gaze wondrously towards the other side of the lake. The grass is soft and green, reserved for those who want to lie down or sit. Untrimmed bushes and wildly growing trees mask the bright daffodil flowers shining behind. The air is fresh and overwhelming with cool gushes of wind blowing past, provoking the trees to yawn and sometimes sleep. I watch the giant trees sway with each other as if they were moving towards nature's music. To the left of the pines, there is a road with winding turns that leads to a marvelous steel entryway to access the lake, similar to what I might picture the gates of heaven to look like.   

I look to see that it soon will be night. With my sneakers laced, a contented sigh, and a guarantee to return soon, I turn around and head back home.