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Periaktoi Writing Post

Volume 50
Issue 1

Single Visual Art Post

  • Essay
Second Grade Soap Opera
Presley Thomas
Second Grade Soap Opera

I met a new best friend at school named Jack.

I was bullied today by Susie.

When I'm with Jack, I feel really happy.

Susie pushed me down and pulled my hair on the playground.

Sometimes Jack and I like to play hide-and-seek.

Susie reminds me of yucky vegetables.

I hate when Mommy makes me eat my vegetables before I'm allowed to eat dessert.

Today I am going to share my lunch with Jack.

When I see Susie at lunch, I go under the table and play hide-and-seek, hoping she doesn't notice me. A milk carton flew across the cafeteria and hit me; it was Susie.

Jack gave me a hug on the playground

just to make me feel better. Seeing his smile makes me happy.

Jack makes me feel a special type of happy.

Actually, I feel like I'm a step above happy. Love? We go together like fruits and vegetables.

I wrote his name in the sandbox on the playground

and drew a heart around the letters. Butterflies flutter in my tummy when I see Jack.

Butterflies don't live in tummies, right? I'd love to hold Jack's hand in front of Susie.

Snuggled up next to Jack, I buried my head in his chest like I was playing hide-and-seek.

Susie told me that only babies play hide-and-seek.

If I wore a diaper, would that make her happy?

While exploring at recess, I found a pile of rocks. I thought, "Should I throw a rock at Susie?"

I remembered how much of a meanie she is. Anger boiled up inside me like vegetables

simmering in a pot. I wanted to hurt and surprise Susie when she least expected it, like a jack-in-the box.I wanted to get revenge. It just so happened that Susie was on the play ground.

This was the first time I broke the rules of the playground.My eyes searched for Susie, a.k.a. the most rotten girl in second grade. My hide-and-seek skills come in handy. I spotted her ponytail under the slide. Susie's heart is as cold as Jack Frost's. I moved closer and closer, ready to injure her with my rock. Wait. I heard a happy, uplifting voice that doesn't belong to Susie. It was his voice. MY love. I could feel the vegetables from lunch turn into vomit. Their bodies moved closer and closer. You better run, Susie.

The voice in my head told me to use all my strength and hurl the rock right at Susie.

Jack moved in to kiss her. Time stops. My heart broke. I reacted. As everyone on the playground stares, I threw the rock. My throw was fast and accurate. Mom was right; eating my vegetables really does make me stronger. Was this romance or a game of hide-and-seek under the slide? Susie had a boo-boo from the rock. I can't remember what happy feels like. Maybe I should've thrown the rock at Jack.

The heart tells lies. Susie likes to play hide-and-seek.

Playgrounds don't make children happy.

I prefer vegetables over Jack.

I chose to focus the sestina on the idea of young love and positive/negative relationships. The narrator experiences heartbreak at a young age. She learns that love can be both enjoyable and miserable at times. The narrator is experiencing bullying and drama as a second grader. A large portion of childhood is developing relationships with people, even when one's heart may lead he or she to the wrong person.