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Periaktoi Writing Post

Volume 53
Issue 2

Single Visual Art Post

Rightfully Mine
Colleen Guerry
Rightfully Mine
"I've had it, Leroy! I'm done with the dirty laundry on the floor, I'm done with the poker games, and I'm done with you!" "Leave then, you psychopath! Nobody's forcing you to stay here!" "Good! Because I am so gone!" "Good riddance!" Leroy slammed the door to our bathroom--or rather his bathroom--and left me standing alone in the bedroom. Without a shred of remorse, I pulled my suitcases out from the closet and threw my clothes in. It didn't take very long since my last ex-boyfriend had burned all my belongings when I broke up with him. Then again I couldn't really blame him. It's hard to let go of a fantastic woman like myself. Leroy, however, did not appreciate my talents and virtues. He'd rather hang out with his little gang buddies at the club than spend time with his marvelous girlfriend. I was willing to put up with the hangovers, the nights in jail, and the turf wars, but to come home early from work and find my soulmate in our bed with two women sealed the deal. I threw those hookers out the door and confronted Leroy. He did not feel even the slightest bit guilty. Before I closed my last suitcase, I decided to deal out some punishment for my ex. I reached under the front of the bed and pulled out what looked like a few thousand dollars of heroin. I grabbed one of the pistols stashed in the hidden compartment behind the television and put it next to the drugs in my suitcase. That would teach Leroy a lesson about infidelity. I started to grab for the keys to Leroy's car, but I couldn't exactly disappear in a stolen convertible. I had already been to jail once and I did not plan on going back. My destination at the moment was still undecided. My ex-husband had moved out of the state with our daughter, my parents were long dead, and I had lost touch with my friends once I started dating Leroy. However, there was still one person out there who would take me in. She owed me a life-long debt and now was the perfect time to collect. I loaded my suitcases into the trunk of my rundown sedan, drove over the edge of the grass out of spite, and headed to Memphis, to the home of my favorite sister.