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Periaktoi Writing Post

Volume 54
Issue 1

Single Visual Art Post

  • Essay
Candice Xie




In the graphic autobiography, I revealed some Chinese people's aggressive opinions against Japan and my own opinion about what determines a patriot. To attract the reader's attention and express the theme, I used diverse colors and dialogue. First of all, I used different and gradient colors to emphasize the expression and characteristics of the people in the autobiography. In the panel with two forms of me, I drew purple and cyan butterflies and clothes in the purple background, which seem imaginary and symbolize Japanese anime. My hairstyle is like the anime characters', which demonstrates my love to Japanese anime. In the other form, my red clothes with yellow stars demonstrate my love of China, whose flag is made with a red background and yellow stars. My hair is flat, which is common in China. In the background, I drew five stars, which also symbolize China. In the last picture, I used creamy blue and cyan to express my bewilderment about patriotism, which also contributes to the theme. The second technique I used is dialogue to explain characters' thoughts and expressions. For instance, I used two sentences about my plan about going to Japan to show my interest in Japanese anime. In the third panel, students' aggressive words reveal their anger and superficiality because real patriotism is not about hating other countries but about contributing to our own country. Overall, the colors and dialogue reveal the significance of the autobiography, which is about the definition of patriotism. From my own perspective, a real patriot should not be blinded by hatred.