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Periaktoi Writing Post

Volume 53
Issue 1

Single Visual Art Post

  • Poetry
Pastry Chef/Princess and the Pea
Alexa McCarren

Once lived a pastry chef craving a role;

Baking for the duchess was her greatest goal.

While having undergone three years of training,

Pascal worked for her strong opening.

She created pastries, cakes, and dough,

Learning to use utensils used long ago.

Because of her hard work with pots and bowls,

She was asked to try out for the prized roll.

With her strong personality and work ethic,

Pascal set out to make her journey epic.


Pascal began on her journey,

Daydreaming of a fudge brownie.

She anxiously awaited her arrival,

Doubting her skill in talking to the royal.

She rode the boat to her intention,

echoing the method of her confection.

The consequence of forgetting is grievous:

losing the option to fulfill her purpose.

Pascal, although nervous, was skilled.

She knew this job would make her become thrilled.


The castle was distinguished and grand;

The servants waited to extend their hand.

She shook hands and was led to the kitchen;

There sat the duchess looking smitten.

As pascal waltzed in she was scared;

Waiting for a beginning the duchess stared.

She went straight to work mixing elements,

While remaining precise with her measurements.

Pascal’s every move was being judged,

So Pascal’s focus could not be budged.


Into Pascal’s dough, the Duchess sent her

Small morsel of salt into the blender,

to see if Pascal would become aware.

If she passed the test then she valued care.

An hour later Pascal’s time was over

She took her last taste and noticed her failure.

Something was off; she told the servant to stop,

Pascal said “my work is not at its top,

There is a grain of salt that should not be there.”

This remark amazed the elegant heir;

The duchess acknowledged her refined taste.

The prized roll was rewarded with haste.