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Volume 52
Issue 1

Single Visual Art Post

  • Essay
Obsession Led to Disappearance of Baby Lisa Irwin
JuToreyia Willis


Obsession Led to Disappearance of Baby Lisa Irwin


It’s 4 am and Jeremy just got home. Front door cracked, windows opened, and cellphones missing. Jeremy thinks his family just isn’t at home until he checks everyone’s room and everyone is present except Baby Lisa. He yells for Deborah and the kids to wake up. No one claims to know where she is. Immediately they call the police. “Who could possibly kidnap our baby”, Jeremy thinks. While Deborah calls the police, he thinks about his recent altercations he’s been having with the baby. Looking out the window, Jeremy sees lights flashing nearby in the
woods next to his home. He had previously had an affair with the neighbor, Jenny, but that ended quickly. She was a “psychotic witch” as her calls her. After he ended things she just couldn’t let him go. There was a different altercation every week that he obviously couldn’t tell his wife about; he began to have reasons run through his mind on why the kidnapper could be Jenny. This meant he had to do digging on his own.

After all the police have came in the house to question Deborah, he sneaks off to the woods. There’s a rock trail set up. Flicking out his pocket knife, he follows the trail. Finally he comes to an end to see Baby Lisa wrapped up in a blanket on the ground; he immediately runs to pick her up. “Ahhhh”, screams Jenny. She jumps from behind the bushes trying to kiss him. A few gentle kisses turned into a large fiasco. He pushes her off him and slices her arm on his nice in the process. Jeremy knew she had a small obsession with the life he had, but this took it to a different level. Jenny just wouldn’t give up. “Look, this could be our family Jeremy”, as she tries to kiss him more. He grabs her while yelling, “Jenny! What don’t you understand when I say we wont be together. Move on with your life.” Within a blink of an eye, he pushes her aggressively on the ground to strike her head on a rock. He shouts her nam, but she’s unresponsive. He grabs Jenny, looks to see if anyone saw, and runs away while Jenny lays there with blood flowing from her head.