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Periaktoi Writing Post

Volume 53
Issue 1

Single Visual Art Post

  • Essay
My Name
Olivia Cranford

Olivia is my name my name it is one special name. The meaning of my name is olive tree, olive tree means most beloved it is a symbol of peace and friendship. This meaning is a perfect meaning for myself I am kind and gentle when needed and I would call myself a good friend. My name is like a delicate butterfly, light, vibrant, and beautiful. With all these good characteristics it is also very dependent on themselves. My name is soft to the touch, it feels like a newly bloomed flowering it is common, clear and yet different at the same time.

How my parents chose my name is fairly simple. My parents really fell in love with the name were Sky and Olivia. To solve this big decision they but names in a hat and went from there, of course Olivia came out as the winning name. Before that my mom had a dream that she had a daughter named Olivia also she knew she wanted to name me Olivia before my mom and my dad chose from a magical decision making hat. My parents also wanted me to have a middle name to go with my first name. My Nana wanted it to be Emani but my mom tried to compromise and she named me Amani. So my whole name is Olivia Amani Cranford has a nice ring to it. My name sounds good coming from everyone who says it, except my parents when I have been caught doing something wrong.

I absolutely adore my name, I would never change it, no ifs, ands or buts about it, it is perfect for me. My parents chose it for a reason and they did not make a mistake naming me. My

name is feminine but not to feminine it is just the amount of girl power in the name. When I hear the name Olivia I think of a strong young lady who knows what she wants and will find a way to get. Independent, good listener and watcher, who also understands rules and do things their own way. These are the characteristics of a Capricorn. These characteristics are as close as it will ever be to my personality for being a Capricorn. I have some added on characteristics that do not fit the puzzle of a Capricorn but if were are talking signs that’s mine.

If I ever had to chose another name besides my own I would end up choosing the name Luna. I really like that name it sounds really pretty and confident like a girl who knows what she wants and has the power and control to get it. It also sounds like a name that is intelligent like a girl who will be owning her own business someday, and someone who does not just sit around all day watching Netflix, a girl who means business. My name perfectly suits me because Olivia is a name for a strong young woman who can get back up when someone brings her down and also be by someone’s side when they need it most. My parents definitely did not make a mistake by naming me Olivia the magic hat chose right.