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Periaktoi Writing Post

Volume 53
Issue 1

Single Visual Art Post

  • Poetry
Modern-Day Pilgrim and Tale
Dana Mays

She does not make much but she is happy,

For her work is brewing piquant coffee.

Customers never see a frown on her,

And in lattes she’s a true connoisseur.

The morning rush arrives at about eight,

And every order she handles with haste.

An ancient woman, yet full of spirit,

When one is blue, she instantly knows it.

Despite her old age, she remains active,

She never grows tired not even a bit.


Beauty and the Beast

Once upon a time, in a far off land,

A merchant lived in a mansion most grand.

Six kids, but the youngest was the fairest.

Beauty was well-read, pure, and the kindest.

At stormy sea one day, his fleets went down,

With the sunken, all his riches to drown.

They were forced to move to a little house,

And Beauty did chores while watching a mouse.

The children all asked for presents most fine,

But Beauty wanted a rose from a vine.

The merchant left for a deal, but a storm,

Lead him astray to a palace most warm.

He dined on food laid by the owner not seen;

He spent the night after sampling cuisine.

When he awoke, in the gardens he strode,

He thought of Beauty and plucked her a rose.

A Beast appeared and yelled that he must die,

But the clever merchant plead for his life,

Saying he only picked it for Beauty.

The beast let him go but made him agree,

To return with a daughter or ne’er be set free.

The merchant returned home and fetched Beauty.

For several months, she stayed with the Beast,

Until she left to see her family.

Her jealous sisters begged her to stay home,

In hopes of the Beast eating Beauty whole.

She stayed, but missed the Beast and left to see,

Him half-dead of heartbreak next to the rose tree.

She weeped over him; her tears transformed him,

Into a fair prince, and they were married since.