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Periaktoi Writing Post

Volume 51
Issue 1

Single Visual Art Post

  • Poetry
Love Hurts
Miles Kadrie
Love Hurts

I'm a Midwest cowboy,

drawn to the danger,

so take my hand through the flames

'cause we're in hell already.

I wanna see that crooked smile;

it gets me every time.

Break me down, for

time isn't real.

The world isn't easy,

but I've seen in your eyes

a roaring love.

Beautiful, beautiful girl,

I'll love you with all I am.

Take a deep breath,

and pull me closer;

all I want is for you

to stay a little longer.

Please don't go—

I still need love.

The night is young,

so why don't we

dance in desire?

My love is fire;

our love is raging.

You made those promises,

but you're gone like that.

Bad things happen to the people you love.

That's why my heart's cold.

Love takes its toll,

but a man can't hurt.

White stones

to take the pain away,

'shrooms to see the universe.

Ignorance is bliss,

and I'm happy.

Now, that's just the saddest lie.

Sources: The songs "Midwest Cowboy" (Wiz Khalifa); "I'm Me" (Lil' Wayne); "She Knows" (J.

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"Raging" (Kygo)