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Periaktoi Writing Post

Volume 55
Issue 1

Single Visual Art Post

  • Poetry
let broken things be broken things + i'll try to be
Ibilola Esho
let broken things be broken things.
broken things can never be fixed,
i’ve learned.
the shards of glory and despair, no matter how malleable,
can never be mended to fit the mold of what once was.
i may try,
with tireless effort,
to live through the pains of rebirth, undergo the fervent catharsis necessary to rebuild instability.
but i’ll soon find at the end of it all,
i’ve exhausted everything.
the box is empty.
the gap grows bigger.
the struggle between hope and betrayal intensifies as i feel my hands melt away the stiff glue.
what’s left to me, i’ll accept,
but the rest i must release into the unknown, letting the broken things be broken things.
i’ll try to be
a resurgence of hope, fills my being.
perhaps relations may be mended and souls reunited;
the stint of pain washed over by a newfound will to forget, to try, to be.
emotions have overwhelmed my spirit, convoluted and ill-formed.
“it’s time to go,” i tell them, “your journey has come to an end.”
so i’ll plaster my face with a facade of joy,
a mask of assurance that sedates all worries,
i’ll reach back into the locked away box,
and pull out what i need to survive.