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Volume 54
Issue 1

Single Visual Art Post

  • Essay
Instagram Photo Narrative: Table Mountain—Cape Town, South Africa
Saad Mohammad

The mission is to reach the sky. Beneath the vibrant colors, you stand overlooking the remains of Africa. You overlook a deserted beach that turned metropolitan. In the far back, you overlook both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The dry path was covered in sand. The frigid rocks are your only guide to complete the mission. The sand paper like surface helped you climb. One foot, one hand at a time. You feel the morning dew on your hands. The wet grass scattered along the path slides under your feet till you fall. The dew brings out the leafy smell from the trees and flowers. Traveling in slow motion, mountain goats accompany you on this journey. Periodically, these bold creatures take in the view they have acquired. Just you and the creatures of the wild. You hike till the clouds swarm you, till all the beauty exits your vision. While you are covered in white water droplets, puny flowers bloom and witness the impoverished life of Cape Town, South Africa. You witness the view that these ordinary plants get for a lifetime. You lay for hours on end, mind running with the creatures of the safari. As you climb down to live the ordinary life, you desperately desire that silence for just one more moment.