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Volume 54
Issue 1

Single Visual Art Post

  • Essay
Instagram Narrative: Thanksgiving in Texas
Riley Murdock


“The best is to sit still and alone on the ground and see what happens when the world forgets you.” When you are silent and the cows go back to minding their own business. All is quiet except for the dry grass swaying in the breeze, occasional grunt from an animal, and the distant chatter coming from inside the house. Stepping away from the questions about future schools and plans and boyfriends and life updates from relatives you see once a year is necessary. I, like my cousins, did not grow up here. Unlike them, I am the oldest and expected to carry conversations that are simply meaningless to me. So I stop. I slip loose of the tedious chit-chat and wander to where I can barely hear it. Here, the sun casts a light yellow glow just before it sets. Here, the leaves have just all fallen creating a crunchy barrier on the ground. Here, no animal is bothered by your presence. Here, is peaceful until interrupted by the bell which calls everyone for dinner and conversations as dry as the turkey that has been cooked all day.