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Volume 54
Issue 1

Single Visual Art Post

  • Essay
Instagram Narrative: Food from the French Market
Claire Austin


My family members gather around the food we collected from the French market. I look around at the glistening water as it flows with the romantic couples gliding down it. The tempting smell of sweets tempts me to dive straight into the pastries, but all of our loot does as well. The freshly squeezed orange juice now tempts me the most; I have never tasted better orange juice in my life. The pulp swimming around in the bottle does not dissuade my interest in the slightest, as it usually would, because it supports the idea of its freshness. The tour guide incessantly speaks, and I silently beg them to stop. In this moment of accumulated perfection my prayers have been answered, their voice stops, and they bid us a good day. Here in Versailles I am experiencing the peak of living. Each piece of food I grab fills me with pure contentment and utter delight. Just a few moments after we began, I look down at the scraps of our hodgepodge meal and consider how I have never had a better one. To make this time even more meaningful, this wasn’t a meal where you greedily wish you could eat it and never stop, although that sounds good to me, but instead it is a meal where you feel completely satisfied with everything about it. I can easily say this has been not only the best meal but the best day of my life, one I frequently look back on with a smile.


I basically wish to accomplish including a lot of sensory details like Shea while also providing my first person feelings on what is happening. I am emulating the wolf picture from August 28th. In this post, Shea incorporates the perspective of the wolves fathering their good and feasting on it, much like my family did with our meal.