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Periaktoi Writing Post

Volume 55
Issue 1

Single Visual Art Post

  • Essay
I Believe In The Night Sky
Brennan Buzinkai


The earliest memory I can remember is from a sleepless night. Little toddler me was quite upset at the fact that I could not sleep, and, as I did in many situations at that age, I started crying. I was in a small bed next to my parents’ bed, and my dad must have heard me. He climbed out of bed, walked over, and picked me up onto his shoulders. I felt safe knowing he was there to comfort me, and I stopped crying. Now, he could have stopped there and put me back to bed, but he instead decided to keep me with him for a minute. He carried me over to the window to show me something I had never really taken much notice of before: the moon. I looked out into the sky and stared with wonder at the glowing orb hanging above the Earth. It stood out against the backdrop of distant stars, modestly commanding all Earthlings’ attention. Though it was only dimly illuminating the dark night, I felt at that moment that it shone with the brightness of a thousand suns. From that point, I have always believed in the night sky.

The universe occupied much of my interest when I was a little kid. I was always watching videos and asking questions about space. I would often go out into the backyard with my dad, and we would stargaze and look at constellations. I remember him showing me the Big and Little Dippers, Ursa Major, and many others. One I particularly liked, though, was Orion The Hunter. It’s easy to spot the line of three stars which make up Orion’s belt, but if you want to see the whole constellation, you have to zoom out and look around more. Then you can see his body, his legs, and his arms. In his left hand he holds a lion’s fur, and in his right hand, he wields a club. I thought it was cool that there was an incredible astronomic fighter up in space. It seemed like he was defending the universe from whatever evils may roam it, and for that, I thanked him.

Those nights outside with my dad looking at the stars are special to me. They remind me of my curiosity and my natural desire for the pursuit of wonder. They remind me that there are great things for me to find if I just take the time to search for them, whether it be cool constellations or something totally different. My enthusiasm for space faded away a bit, and while I still find it very interesting, I’ve moved on to other interests like drawing, writing, and music. While drawing, writing, and music are very different than outer space, I’m still driven to explore and learn about them by the curiosity that first got dragged out of me by the vast expanses of the cosmos. For that, I will always be grateful, and that is why I believe in the night sky.