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Periaktoi Writing Post

Volume 55
Issue 1

Single Visual Art Post

  • Essay
I Believe In Music
Ellie Smith


I believe in music. We’ve all had that moment when we plug in our white earbuds to a device and hear the music overflowing through the speakers into our ears. We dance, sing, and do homework to this music. We choose a song based off the lyrics and tune because it’s what we want to listen to in the moment. We sometimes choose music that has been stuck in our heads all day. In order to quench this thirst, we listen to it. To me, music is more than just singing and different instruments played by talented musicians. Music is like a book. It’s a way to escape the world; however, I did not realize this escape until the start of this semester.

It had been an extremely long day at school, and my honors chemistry class was stressing me out with a test that coming Friday. I was nowhere near prepared and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to study notes without my vision blurring. I took the Beats I’d gotten for Christmas and my phone and plumped into my freshly fluffed bean bag. As I sank into the fuzzy grey seat, I scrolled through my phone attempting to find a distraction. I was attempting an escape. I finally decided on a pink app with two white eighth notes as its symbol.

Now there was more scrolling. What words did I want to hear? What would comfort me? I settled on a playlist I created with all my favorite songs. As I pressed the shuffle button, a song came on that I knew I heard before, but it sounded different. I wasn’t focused on the words anymore. I could hear the damper pedal on the piano being pushed down and released. I could feel a slight zing through my body as I heard the fingers on the guitar shift up and down the frets. I could even hear the short breaths of air the singers were taking in to maintain that smooth, legato sound. I could see each movement in my mind.

I closed my eyes and listened. I found my escape: a feeling that I didn’t even know I needed. I soon came to realize that the technique of breaking down a song works for all genres of music. Each genre sounds a little different to suit the differing taste of listeners. As I figured out how to break apart a song, I did it with whatever I was listening to when I needed to calm down with whatever was pecking at my brain. Each time I truly listened, I was able to achieve the goal I was reaching for.

Music is all around us and can be so much more than just something we lightly listen or do homework to. I believe that music is a gift, and I believe that when we listen closely, music provides a relief to everyone that wants one.