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Periaktoi Writing Post

Volume 53
Issue 2

Single Visual Art Post

  • Essay
I Believe In Falling In Love
Maddy Toledano


I Believe In Falling In Love


Anyone who knows me knows I have the tendency to confess my love for another person

a little prematurely. It takes only one similarity, like maybe a certain song, or a an affinity for

mangos, and I'm there. I'm kind of like that Doors song. "Hello, I love you, won't you tell me

your name?" And that's why I believe in falling in love. Not romantic, sweep you off your feet, a

dozen roses, love- platonic love. And I believe in telling, or showing people you love them. That

might not come as a surprise to some people. I love to verbalize my random declarations of love,

which I realize probably get overbearing for other people. Who is this girl? Why does is she so

weirdly affectionate? But that's my philosophy, those out of the blue proclamations of love. You

can't run out of love, so why contain it? It's okay to be weird and tell people you love them all

the time. Not everyone returns this sentiment, and that's okay. I understand that some people are

more reserved, or private, and don't have the lack of shame that I suffer with, but I would say to

them: Try it. Whenever the mood strikes you, when you're looking at your friend and they make

you want to smile, just tell them. I know how I feel right before I blurt out my affection. I always

feel like the sun is shining, and there's a warm feeling in my chest that's overflowing, which I

know is a cheesy, rom-com description of love. Or I'll be surrounded by people, like in the

hallway in Roddy with the players, watching them chaotically dart around, or in the quad

watching people play foursquare during lunch. I usually have to focus and stop being sentimental

before I try to hug everyone in a fifty foot radius. However, love is not something that

necessarily has to be verbalized. Make someone a playlist. Remember their favorite candy. Give

them your umbrella on a rainy day. You never really know how much it makes someone's day

until they return the favor. I think that's the best feeling in the world, giving out love and having

it reciprocated. I understand that it can be frustrating to be trying to put positive energy out into

the world, but not feel like you're getting anything in return. Sometimes I feel exhausted, from

trying to be positive and loving all the time, and feeling like nobody notices. But I promise, the

universe is watching. Someone will notice. And I really believe that the love you put out into the

world makes it a better place. It also doesn't have to be just people. You don't have to love

everyone. Fall in love with feelings and cups of tea, fall in love with wool sweaters and

dandelions. Fall in love with an era of history, or the smell of someone's perfume. Fall in love

with something stupid. Fall in love with something unattainable. Follow your passions and do

what you love, and I promise it will come back to you.