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Periaktoi Writing Post

Volume 54
Issue 1

Single Visual Art Post

  • Essay
I Believe in Diamonds
Fatima Sohani

The ancient Greeks and Romans believed that diamonds were a result of either the teardrops of their widely revered gods or broken off pieces of falling stars. Ancient Hindus believed that an individual wearing diamonds would be protected from all danger. There’s even evidence of diamonds being collected and traded as early as the fourth century BCE. For something with so much value, something so coveted, who in their right mind would think that diamonds are made up of plain old carbon, transformed into their beauty through immense heat and pressure for millions of years? Now, immense pressure for millions of years doesn’t sound anywhere near great, especially at scorching hot temperatures. And think that something so exquisite could form from something so horrible? I think it’s a truly mind-blowing concept if you really consider it.

We all encounter difficulties at some point in our lifetimes. Some of us go through experiences those around us will never have to endure while others we know are probably doing a lot worse than they seem. Over the summer, there was a period of time where I felt immense self-doubt and had a lack of self-confidence, and I felt like none of my friends could connect to me when I discussed my issues with them. Everyone had always told me that’s there’s always someone you can turn to that can relate to you, but at a time when it felt like no one understood my circumstances, it was almost impossible to address the situation, much less overcome it.

So, I started to think about diamonds. If diamonds go through millions of years of intense heat and pressure to become as beautiful as they are, why can’t I make it through a rough day or week? And why stop at just making it through? Why not come out a better person at the end of it? Maybe not more physically beautiful, but perhaps emerging stronger, like a diamond after its millennia-long formation.

Thankfully, I’ve now come to terms with the situation I struggled with for such a long period of time. Though thinking about diamonds didn’t solve all of my problems, on the days it felt like it didn’t really matter what I did because I would never prevail over my difficulties, thinking about diamonds and how they wouldn’t be what they are now—amazingly brilliant, dazzling, and precious—if it wasn’t for the trying conditions they went through persuaded me to keep persevering. So, the next time you think you’re stuck too far down in a hole to ever come up again, remember the diamonds. How they became the treasured, strong, and beautiful wonders they are now only because of the trials and tribulations they endured, and how you, too, can not only survive any difficult conditions, but overcome them and come out a stronger, more beautiful, and overall better person at the end of it all, born from the tears of gods and coming alive from fragments of stars.