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Volume 49
Issue 1

Single Visual Art Post

  • Essay
God in the Stars
Rose Dallimore
God in the Stars

I believe that God is in the stars. When I question why I am here and when I notice my own staggering insignificance, I note the infinity above my head and all around me. The infinity is of stars, of planets, of time and of space; there is such a plethora of beautiful stars. Infinit extends in all directions, yet I know I am still important. There must be a higher power to maintain all of this beautiful foreverness. And the strangest thing is, I came to this great realization in a random instance. On a gray December morning, I sat in a church pew, staring out the window, considering God. Frost coated the glass and let in spots of weak winter morning light. I wondered if God was with me right then and there. I wasn't so sure. I had been struggling with my faith in a Christian god or any other higher power. As I gazed out the window, the sunbeams hit my right eye, taking away half of my sight. All I could see was bright light in one eye and my younger brother in the other. He was sitting next to me, also not paying attention to the sermon. He was scribbling away, drawing a star on a pew card. I looked at my brother drawing for a moment and thought about how much I love him. In a strange moment of realization, I figured out where god was. It is above me and around me. In the stars. I don't know why that epiphany occurred to me in that moment, but it did, and my struggle vanished. Every day, I draw a tiny star on my left hand in sharpie. I do it so I have God with me always. Look at how I can hold a piece of the sky on my hand. Isn't it amazing that the universe can just reach down and touch you? You see, I am not a religious person, but I am very spiritual. I am rational and analytical, but I have faith in something greater. The universe is far too beautiful for there to be nothing greater. I see beauty in the Milky Way, Andromeda and Centaurus. in gas giants and space junk. in the constellations and in the planets. Everything is made up of beauty, math, and god. The concept of God is possible, because God, like the stars, is indeed a quantity. God is infinity. It doesn't matter if I align myself with the values of Christianity, the teachings of Hinduism or the words of Judaism. I know science is definite, but there is definitely something greater than me because there are stars. There is an uncountable number of stars. Science can only explain so many miracles, and each one of those scintillating stars is a miracle. I believe that God is in the stars, and that is how I stay grounded on this earth. This I believe.