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Periaktoi Writing Post

Volume 53
Issue 1

Single Visual Art Post

  • Poetry
Found Poem — Taken for Granted
Tess Margio

Invisible pinpricks of light

Suspended in the air around them

WiFi and the impossible-to-imagine Cloud

What did computer screens look like

How could you not remember

It was beautiful


A chandelier in the dining room

A lamp with a pink shade on my side table

A wash of electric-blue light

Why have I never realized

The beauty of flight


Watching a small boat

Coming onto shore

A single bright light

Skimming over the water


This is the last time

I’ll stir milk into my tea

These taken-for-granted miracles

That had persisted all around them


My mother’s face

My street address

There are countless things

That I can’t remember anymore


Thinking about

Taking for granted

That the world had certain people in it

And without any of these people


The world is a subtly

But unmistakably

Altered place