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Periaktoi Writing Post

Volume 56
Issue 1

Single Visual Art Post

  • Poetry
Found Poem- Pity the Alone
Mimi Masson, Esther Prantil-Evans
My mama she fuss at me. She scream at me.
My mama dead.
I felt sorry for mama.
Nettie, the clever one and the sponge.
I ast him to take me instead of Nettie.
Nettie mean everything in the world to me.
She fight, she run away.
Odessa and Sofia other sisters always on hand to take up the slack.
All women good for-
Celie. You deserve more than this.
Another sister come to hold the baby.
She pity me.
I think about Nettie, dead.
Don't cry, Celie, don't cry
Shug Avery was a woman . The most beautiful woman I ever saw.
I just be thankful to lay eyes on her.
Nobody fight for Shug. She ain't got no friends.
I love looking at Shug. I wash her body it feel like I'm praying.
She more evil than my mama and that keep her alive.
You sure is ugly.
Can't stay mad at her.
Beat her, I say.
All the girls stick together.
Miss Celie, I act like I'm you. I jump right up and do just what they say.
And look at what happened to Ma. I put my arm around him.
You feels sorry for me, don't you?
Sofia right about her sisters.
Some women can't be beat
Somebody to run to. It seem too sweet to bear.
I love you, Miss Celie.
Your sister, Nettie