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Volume 56
Issue 1

Single Visual Art Post

  • Poetry
Found Poem: Miss Celie's Song
Katelyn Evans, Lillie Boggs
This song Im bout to sing is called Miss Celie's song,
Now when I dream I dream of Shug Avery
Whirling and laughing
He say Im evil and always up to no good
I cry and I cry
I don't even look at mens
I look at women tho, cause Im not scared of them
I look at Shug
I feel my heart begin to cramp
And I'm confused
I love looking at Shug
But Shug don't love looking
He beat me when you not here
I wont leave you she say
Kissing the water as it come down the side my face
If you was my wife
I'd cover you up with Kisses stead of licks
For the first time I feel just right
I love you Miss Celie