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Periaktoi Writing Post

Volume 55
Issue 1

Single Visual Art Post

  • Essay
Endings With A Sunset
Mallory Vestal


I used to not be very satisfied by sunsets. I never understood why at the beach my mom would always make sure we get back from dinner just in time to see the sunset by the ocean. My racing thoughts distract me from wonderful sights I pass by during the day that I should appreciate more. My dad has always been very good with easing my nervous system and calming me down. After an extremely long day, he decided it was time for me to learn how to put my mind in the right mindset; by accomplishing this, he took me to gaze at another basic but extraordinary sunset.

Blinded by every negative thought I’ve had during that day, the best decision in my mind was to avoid everyone. My dad wasn’t mad, but concerned. He told me to find the comfiest blanket and grab the keys because it was time for both of us to take a breather. No questions asked; I obeyed and quickly found my brown sherpa blanket that felt like the fur of a lamb and headed out the door. About 15 minutes later we arrived in a gravel parking lot that made an unpleasant crunchy sound beneath the fat tires. I look up to see a large soccer field. I don’t even play soccer and it’s almost 8:00pm. He hopped out of the car first and I followed. I perfectly placed my blanket down on the dry green grass. My dad sat on my right side saying nothing. I noticed the sun in the distance starting to fall. I told him I need to go home soon to get work done and shortly go to sleep. He didn’t listen to me at all, instead told me to take one deep breath in and one deep breath out. I did and felt nothing. He told me to repeat and only focus on my breath. I breathed in and I blew out the old air through my nostrils. The sudden feeling of calm overthrew me after the third deep exhale. I closed my eyes to further that feeling. Cool breeze flew by my face that I hadn’t realized before, birds chirping in the tall trees ahead and the soft touch of the grass that surrounded me all worked together and paused my many thoughts that slowly piled up during the day. I felt completely relaxed. My body felt kind of light. I open my eyes and the sun was gone behind the long horizon. Bubbly clouds formed around creating texture in the sky. I wondered how a plain blue sky can formulate into a multicolored dream. It looked like an artist carefully chose which colors to combine together that fit unimaginably well on a master painting. I unbelievably forgot which assignments I had and haven’t done and all conversations or negative thoughts quietly echoing in the background decided to disappear. Only the current time in that exact moment which was happening surrounded my head and body. My day had felt too long and overwhelming but ended with a mind blowing multicolor painting that required nothing but my own eyes and a big comfy blanket. All I have to do is pause and cherish the beautiful sight that unfortunately doesn’t last forever.