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Periaktoi Writing Post

Volume 53
Issue 1

Single Visual Art Post

  • Poetry
Case No. 18-JS-1111
Ashleigh Huang

In New York, where the screens touch the skylines,

A new star emerges and makes the headlines.

Jean Sharp, her name; and journalism her craft.

Her drug leads saved her from poverty’s draft.

Sharp’s unforeseen success sparks unrest

in writers all grappling for the best.

In search for her mysterious source,

Sharp’s rivals have left her in sound remorse.

They unearth her secret. It is quite reeling.

Jean Sharp herself is discovered drug dealing!


Yes, your Honor, I stand before you

today to confess my crimes, and begin new.

I am ready to remove my fixed veil

And accept what my offenses entail.


My story starts in Vichada. Some

Time ago, I begged for every crumb.

I toiled hard and late at any work I found.

But each night I still slept on the bare ground.

In the fields near where I resided

Coca leaves were plentiful and invited

My conspiring and desperate mind.

Oh my! These leaves were no quiet find.

I decided my future belong elsewhere:

In a realm of hope, a cure to my despair.

With my coca leaves stowed away, I set sail

toward my dream. Vichada, farewell!


The cargo ship docked in South Street Seaport.

Alleyways and bustling streets I sort

my stolen goods for a better life.

Shortly, I dropped this trade to avoid strife.

And for good measure, I leaked false drug leads

to outwit the police who eagerly heeds

My advice. I continue to publish lies,

And became a hero in the people’s eyes.

This sudden rich fame vanquished quite fast.

As fellow journalists delved into my past.

They stripped me bare and now I am exposed.

Your Honor, I am guilty. Case closed.