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Periaktoi Writing Post

Volume 54
Issue 1

Single Visual Art Post

  • Poetry
Callow Gods
Eli Andrews

It had no choice where it was to be born
It was just born

A dog in a wriggle of others
It learned to hate
They stole his milk

He drank the same life
The same virus
Which would tear his face

The less eagar died
It hated more than them

Caught by callow Gods
Fear like no other
He was thrown into a pool of others
Reunited with his brothers 

There I found him
Amongst monsters and dust

He was like no other
The food was now limitless
Taking great advantage of this
He was now a swollen mass of food
It’s fur wrinkled
To the touch 

I learned
From a trainer
That this shiver
Came from his belief that he was only a floating head
And no more

Liking his queer mentality
I took him
Seeing something of myself

Shear fear
The head was in my home
Cowering in corners 

I took him to the park
The head floated round
Biting all

I learned not to bring him round dogs
He wanted to kill them
Having kept this hate towards his kind
The takers of his milk

A trainer came
She said he had something like PTSD
The head was given antidepressants
It helped it’s mood for the most part
He did not hate them as much
Possibly forgetting his troubled past 

I knew he was smart
Though you would not think it
Being a dog that thought himself just a head

He had something in his eye
It showed he knew he would die

His Intelligence coming out
When he was less depressed
He would come to me when called
Instead of running away
It gave me a chance to teach him
He would do anything for food
learning quickly 

One morn like any other
The angered head ran round and round
The house 

My father took him out
Misreading the dogs rage
In a flash
My father flailed on the ground
Head in a blur
Had done what he was made to do
He nearly killed our neighbors dog

In a flash
Sheer fear
He was killed by a needle
For this was his punishment 

How strange
To punish a creature who will never learn
His God's right and wrongs
To end a creature’s life for reacting
The way which he reacts

Many a creature has fell victim
To this fate
Where one man's ethics
Imposes on another’s 

How bold
We Callow Gods