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Periaktoi Writing Post

Volume 53
Issue 1

Single Visual Art Post

  • Poetry
An Economist's Tale
Peyson Pearce

He worked slowly and carefully on It.

His back was aching, but he would not quit.

His sweat, pouring out of his nervous pores.

He needed this report finished by four.

Wanting to impress the boss with his effort,

He needed to finish this endeavor.

There! It was done! A true masterpiece!

To show amazing skill and expertise.

After handing the boss the review,

He started to relax for a few.


Earth Shapers

“Economists can truly shape the world!”

Was the name of the article curled

Under his small desk in his tiny workplace.

That was truly an interesting place.

He had always loved analyzing stats

Of what appeals to all bureaucrats:

Money. But he was not focused on it.

Rather, an important assignment.

If he was successful on this next one,

He could accurately predict the long run!

He was quite excited and could not wait

To show them that he could pull his weight.

He added the last touches and stood back

And wondered if he would get his own plaque.

But first, to take it to the tiny boss.

When the boss saw it, she was at a loss.

How had this newbie done this? It was good.

She should send this to her boss, that she would.

And not only would he get a raise,

He would predict the market for some days.

His work he worked so hard on had impact.

It would truly change the globe; that is fact.

And our protagonist realized that

The very world would change through his impact.