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Volume 53
Issue 2


I Believe Icarus was Right
  • Essay
Tina Zheng

Icarus was given wings held together by wax as a method of escaping his prison, yet he was warned by the inventor that he should not fly too high, for the sun would do what it often does - melt things. Yet, Icarus did exactly that. Thus, his waxen wings melted in the heat of the altitude and Icarus plummeted to his death.

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I Believe in Diamonds
  • Essay
Fatima Sohani

The ancient Greeks and Romans believed that diamonds were a result of either the teardrops of their widely revered gods or broken off pieces of falling stars. Ancient Hindus believed that an individual wearing diamonds would be protected from all danger. There’s even evidence of diamonds being collected and traded as early as the fourth century BCE.

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Ceaseless Ambition
  • Essay
Adelle Pritchard

When I was young, I believed I could do anything. To say I was ambitious would be an understatement. That’s pretty typical of a kid. I watched Buddy Valastro make towering cakes that were practically art, and I began wrecking our kitchen weekly with flour and sugar to try and recreate his masterpieces, confident a recipe wasn’t necessary.

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