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Periaktoi Visual Art Gallery

Volume 54
Issue 1

Single Visual Art Post

Serena Xiao AP Portfolio
Serena Xiao

 The Classic of Mountains and Seas (《山海经》) is the oldest Chinese traditional compilation of myths. In 4th century BC, Chinese people experienced the nature through portraying mythical lands and creatures with their understanding of the nature and exquisite imaginations, which based on their culture and geographic knowledge. The concepts they created tightly connect the world and the land they were born on. The myths are a reliable resource for posterities to explore their ancestors’ minds and the world they lived. My concentration is the creatures in The Classic of Mountains and Seas, which is also combined with my own understandings to the ancient texts. As I worked on the text, I revered the imaginative ideas in it. For example, I admire the romance of the guard of the ocean, who controls the rhyme of the waves. Also, with the idea of romance, the texts introduced the beginning of the world as Di Jiang (帝江), a giant creature, who waves the pink smoke and worship the spirit of art and music. I used gauche, markers, and ink plus strong colors for my works to emphasis the figures of the creatures and created the scenes that they lived in according to the book. The golden and silver lines for the edge delineation make the central animal stands out from the background in phantasmic ways.