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Volume 56
Issue 1

Single Visual Art Post

  • AP Portfolio
Meya Yangzhen- AP Drawing Portfolio
Meya Yangzhen
There was a day that I saw a lot pictures of animals dead of micro plastic. Some of them eats a lot of plastic and can't digest, and there's also animals trapped by plastic wastes. Only very small amount of plastics got recycled, and most of them got burn or landfill, which can cause a lot of pollution. The micro plastic is a very bad pollution happening around us, if we can reduce using plastic products in our daily life, it's going to help on the animals and environment a lot.
I was basically focusing on how the animals were affected by the micro plastic pollution. In my work, I shows the world when animals becomes monsters or robots, when none of them actually survived through the pollution, a lot of had a variation and changed to monsters, which cause chaos in human world. There's a process of animals got infected, by starting at them eating a lot of plastic or trapped by plastics. And when animals were all extinct, human made robot animals instead, but they are not anymore energetic.