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Periaktoi Visual Art Gallery

Volume 56
Issue 1

Single Visual Art Post

  • AP Portfolio
May Bankston- AP Drawing Portfolio
May Bankston
My investigation explores my relationship with my grandfather and the way his life has shaped my perception of success, strength, honor, and pain. I wanted to understand how my admiration for him correlates with the pressure and guilt I place upon myself to follow his example. How do you live up to the legacy of someone who has lived a truly spectacular life?
Initially, my investigation strove to capture the vivid, vibrant, fantastical reverence that I held for my grandfather as a child. I used sharpies and ink, materials I was very comfortable with, to create pieces which reflected the overwhelmingly colorful lens of childhood. Initially, I planned to continue using this style to tie my pieces together, however, around the time I finished my grandfather's portrait he became sick and passed away. His death marks a significant shift in my work (slides 7/8). By shifting to acrylic, I forced myself to let go of detail and pursue broader concepts.