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Periaktoi Visual Art Gallery

Volume 52
Issue 1

Single Visual Art Post

  • Mixed Media
Eric Wu Gallery 2017
Eric Wu

Eric Wu's personal gallery




Oil, Each 16’’ by 12’’

This oil series involves twelve different settings and my subjective interpretations of them. The settings--seaside, forest, New York, Cinque Terre, Chinese market, cafes, airports, Yuehe street, Southside, grocery store, art studio, and home--are ordered from objective to subjective. For places that I do not feel associated with, such as seaside and forest, my knowledge of them comes mostly from outside resources, and their elements appear static and contained in a cubicle. As I feel more emotions towards certain settings, I see more dynamic forces and their imagery breaks down the objective cubicle. Later paintings in this series concentrate more on abstract feelings rather than distinct characteristics. The series represents how I perceive my world: some impressions are vivid in a static way, while others are vivid in an emotional, personal way.


Both Charcoal,  14’’ by 25’’ and 16’’ by 20’’

The left was done in 2015. The right was done in the past summer.


Gouache, 22’’ by 30’’

I did this self-portrait not as a direct depiction of me at the time of painting but as a reflection upon my weary, overwhelmed times in my junior year. I also wanted to capture my steadiness and latent zeal when I cleared my academic workload. 


Charcoal and graphite, each 18’’ by 24’’

Final project of Drawing Foundation during RISD Pre-College. I explored projecting senses other than the visual sense, onto a drawing by focusing on depiction of coffee. The five drawings are in the spatial order of being next to the coffee, approaching it, to drinking it.


Gouache, 30’’ by 22’’

Three landscapes overlapped. I wanted to embody my analytical thought process when painting a landscape. I regard the busy interaction between shapes and colors in this painting as extension of my observation. 


Acrylic and watercolor, 26’’ by 18’’

This is a study of butterflies and patterns. I made observations of butterfly specimens and distill the patterns on their wings. I played with the idea of blending and tried for an effect of butterflies collapsing and coalescing into a floral pattern. 


Gouache, 12’’ by 20’’

This is a pattern design derived from the butterfly study. I was reading Memoirs of a Geisha at the time. One of my favorite moments in the book is Sayuri’s mizuage, a ceremony that signifies the coming of age of an apprentice geisha. I incorporated the style of Japanese ukiyo-e to capture mizuage with patterns.

Acrylic, 5.25’ by 10.5’

This is a mural I did for the company where I was an intern. They wanted something to show their company culture and spirit. I tried to show their philosophy—to always cling to their original dream as they progress. 


Oil, 12’’ by 18’’

Vintage interior space at an Italian villa. I was drawn to the reflection of light on the floor and the many frames in the scope. 


Pastel, 8’’ by 11’’

The bridge that crosses over the Baylor Lake at my school, with the Tennessee River on the other side.


Alder wood

This is the final project of my Furniture Design class at RISD Pre-College. I based this bench on the harmonica I play—a Hohner 270 with a wooden comb. I wanted to make the overall shape slender and friendly, as the body of the harmonica fits snugly into a hand, and it has always been a joy just to caress it. I also added the frames as an representation of cadence of musical notes. 


Mixed Media

This is an assignment during the Design Foundation class at RISD Pre-College. To start, I observed under a microscope and sketched with gouache a safflower sample at the Nature Lab. Then I created a 3D piece based on the sketch. I focused on the layers of linear textures. 


Mixed Media

This piece was done in with the same idea as the safflower. I focused on puffiness and a topographical feeling.