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Periaktoi Visual Art Gallery

Volume 52
Issue 1

Single Visual Art Post

  • AP Artwork
  • Mixed Media
Connie Hui Gallery 2017
Connie Hui

Connie Hui's personal gallery




Urban Design: Hills on a Plain

This is a project based on my hometown, Zhengzhou, China. I was inspired by a personal experience during this past summer: I was practicing for cross-country but couldn’t find a hill to run because the city is located on a plain. In considering a preexisting circular arranged design of the CBD, and the fact that more and more people nowadays in China like to do outdoor sports, I decided to make of project of building hill-like routes around this area. 

Considering that a national marathon starts from there annually and hoping to enrich leisure time of nearby residents, I designed two buildings for public activities. The first building can be used for both dining and climbing; it is open on one side facing the city and has the other three sides shaped differently for three difficulty levels of climbing. The second building contains three cylinder shaped structures connected to routes. Each part has a different size so that each part can be used for varied activities. For example, the large part can hold a concert or be a starting point for marathon, the middle sized one can be used for a wedding, and the small one used as an area for picnics.






 Cornell DEA 3D Challenge: A House for Homeless Cats

My design of a foldable structure is a gift for homeless cats. I see many cats hiding in bushes and feeding on garbage to live. Since I have two cats at home, my parents and I care about homeless cats, especially during winter, and we buy and distribute an extra bag of cat food every month to the security guards of our community to feed them. Knowing about cats’ habits and hoping to help them find food and shelter, I designed a house as a gift for them. With a foldable structure, people can carry it easily to a place that most homeless cats inhabit. I made two clear boxes where people can simply put food and water into, and there are two tubes connected to the box conveying food and water into cats’ bowls inside. Also considering the appearance, I used white, yellow, and orange canvas to make it attractive in green bushes and LED lights driven by solar panels give the house another function as street lights for human at night. Overall, I hope my design can improve the habitats and save some lives of homeless cats.





Hospital Design: Wonderland Hospital for Children

Recalling my past experience going to a children’s hospital in China, people were crowded in the lobby waiting in long lines a for registration, and I was always so scared going to a hospital because of a depressing atmosphere hearing other kids cry. Therefore, I hope to design a hospital that is more enjoyable and relaxing for children. In order to change children’s negative mindset, I have an idea to relate the hospital’s physical environment to an amusement park, so I made a theme for the interior as “Alice in Wonderland” and hope to give every children patient a mission to save Alice, who is stuck on a hot balloon by the red queen. For the structure of the building, I gained inspiration from a bundle of balloons that have space between each other and all strips come to a point. Also intended to increase the efficiency, I designed a “S” shaped structure with a “L” shaped on top for each department, which makes each department have two floors—one for consuming rooms and one for its corresponding wards. I made all 24 departments arranged around a huge lobby, which has sunlight coming in from both ends. Near the entrance, there is a lawn where kids can have varied activities, such as nursing teddy bears etc. Overall, I hope to design a hospital that can make children’s least favorite place less scary and/or depressing.



Clay Models: Coral's Destiny

Concerned about the importance of coral reefs in the marine ecosystem and the effect of devastating human activities on them, I made four clay models in sequence to show the death of coral reefs in order to arouse human awareness. The first sculpture portrays the beautiful structures of healthy corals while the second one contains withered dying corals. Besides realistic scenes, I made the third culture based on my imagination that coral may have souls that still exist even after their physical disappearance. In the end, I tried to emphasize the reason for coral’s death—human activities—by rebuilding the structures of corals using artificial garbage and waste. With this set of sculptures, I hope to warn people to care about endangered organisms and take action to protect them from daily activities.



Structure Study: Iced Lemon Water

I was inspired by the organic, irregular shapes of ice cubes as well as the natural arrangement of lemon pieces in a cup of water. I observed them within a glass cup and took the structure out to make a model. In the model, I made the ice cubes more geometric but portrayed lemon pieces more abstractly. Also considering the effect of light and shadows, I used sponge strips twisted into circular forms to represent lemon peels and wood sticks to portray the pulp.




Cornell DEA 2D Challenge: A Five-Step Diagram of Getting Up

Life is a series of motions, rituals, and cycles. In the modern day, technology joins us for our daily routine. For this artwork, I focused on the role time and technology play in my morning ritual. Composed of five-steps, each is marked by a particular color and level of wakefulness. At a deeper level, each step highlights an attachment to my telephone and cognizance of the hour. In the first step, my phone, time, and I are at rest, and not interacting. The color is purple and dark. Then, my phone is a distraction, something that I hit "snooze" and surf until the urgency of time and preparing for my day lurches me out of bed. Each panel intentionally progresses and changes in color until finally there is a clear mix. The more apparent the combination of colors, the more clear my connection and usage of technology is in my routine. By the end, I signal that time and technology are instrumental in my cycle of waking through the prominent mix of purples and blues.