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Periaktoi Visual Art Gallery

Volume 52
Issue 2

Single Visual Art Post

  • AP Artwork
AP 2D Portfolio by Baylor Pillow
Baylor Pillow


With the stark contrast between luxury brands and intense poverty, my work applies to a central idea by putting these two worlds together, exposing the beauty in both. Demonstrated as if they were an actual ad-campaign, the photos may come off as confusing initially. The concentration, for me, is quite personal, Essentially, I wanted to display in my work the beauty I see in these two worlds. Maybe my thoughts are best summarized in two realizations: The "simple life" doesn't need brands to validate its beauty, but, through a Western lens, the brands somewhat enhance, our interest in the photographs. The second realization is that the brands, again through our Western lens, really do not have to be advertising anything that the companies sell for us to still place value in them. For me, this is heartbreaking, as I am a lover of the luxury industry's craftsmanship, quality of design, and heritage, and find mindless branding, frankly, annoying. On the other hand, as an involved public servant, I believe the concentration speaks volumes to the superficial acknowledgment of equality in our society. In an of itself, the project has forced me to question my own superficiality, causing me to look further into how I accept others, based on the "quality" of their humanity, or do I like people who make look a certain way, and in turn, validate me? In any event, this project should make you think, whether you appreciate luxury, the simple life, either one, both, or neither. Essentially, the project is for you; take in the contrast, and question both sides of your mind.