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Periaktoi Visual Art Gallery

Volume 56
Issue 1

Single Visual Art Post

  • AP Portfolio
Amanda Chen- AP Drawing Portfolio
Amanda Chen
I spent a lot of time in the dental office as a child, and this childhood experience of mine that lasted till now influenced me in many ways. From this topic, I wanted to investigate how this process of straightening my teeth relate to my personal growth and the perception of beauty. Most of my experience related to this consist of pain, and I gradually changed from being scared of it into understanding the purpose of it. I started considering and relate these experiences with my personal growth that comes along it. I view it as a process of self-discovery and understanding beauty.
My investigation explores the whole process from pulling out a teeth as a child to teeth straightening experience now. And through the depiction this process, I used a variety of different materials in one piece such as piece 8 and pieces 10-15. These experiments not only create strong contrast visually to draw focus, but also is an embodiment of my personal inner turmoil and metamorphosis of this process of finding beauty within. I tried layering and creating contrast between black and white with colors, and tried to attain different textures by doing so.