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Visual Art

Volume 55
Issue 1

Visual Art

Chloe Crooks - AP 3D
  • Ceramics and 3D
Chloe Crooks

My portfolio follows an inquiry into the synthesis of specific materials, namely resin, paper and string. This investigation was further concentrated through an investigation into specific forms within the limitations of the medium.

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Brody Listen - AP 3D
  • Ceramics and 3D
Brody Listen

I explored the evolution of a tall cylindrical form that blows out into a circular ball, before beginning to collapse. The progression was inspired by the expansion of air in a form but incorporates an abstract imaginative twist in how it grows. 

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Ashton Smith - AP 3D
  • Ceramics and 3D
Ashton Smith

Playing Minecraft allows me to be creative and social, but this year I wanted to accomplish something more while playing the game I enjoy. I decided to recreate my school’s campus in Minecraft to allow others to explore campus in a non-traditional way.

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Frankie Chamberlain - AP 3D Art Portfolio
  • Ceramics and 3D
Frankie Chamberlain

The idea behind the first suit of armor I created (1-6) was how people protect themself from societal criticism and isolation by mirroring the behavior or ideas of people that surround them. Those who are afraid of being labeled “different” by society sometimes decide, consciously or subconsciously, to hide their true nature by pretending to be just like those around them.

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