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Volume 53
Issue 2

Single Visual Art Post

Meet Our AP Artists

Hear what some of our AP Studio Art students have to say about how they got interested in the art, what mediums they work in, and more.


Each Artist was asked the following:

How did you become interested in the arts?

How long have you been at Baylor? Why did you choose to participate in the art program?

What are your primary medium/s? Why do you enjoy that medium?

What is a favorite piece you've created or the piece you're proudest of, and why are you proud of it?

What's your concentration theme and why?

Their responses are shown below.


Eric Wu

1. I do not really remember because I started doodling when I was a very little boy. I believe it was in kindergarten. When in primary school, I enjoyed copying pictures from animes and mangas and naturally enrolled in formal drawing classes later. I guess I was attracted by the thought that I could create things from my imagination and receive compliment from others.

2. This is my second year. I chose to take art classes because it just feels natural for me to take it. One of the habitual parts of my life is to do art every day. When I came here, I was thinking that even if the art program is not great, I would still enrol in it, but the programm turns out to be awesome.

3. I use gouache, watercolor, oil, graphite, and charcoal. I figure that I can use pen and ink, though I have never really used them. I have recently been interested in Japanese Ukiyo-e but has not gotten a chance to learn it.

4. For this year, I would choose the butterfly pattern painting. I enjoyed going from a simple assignment to a completely different project. I really felt like an artist when I finished it.

5. I do not have one. I believe it is not beneficial to decide your concentration when you are not a mature artist. One never knows in which field he or she excels.


Emma Siegel

1. I've been interested in the arts ever since I can remember. When I was little I loved doing arts and crafts with my mom, and I always seemed to have a paint brush or marker in my hand. My interest carried on through Elementary School to Middle school when I doodled endlessly on notebooks or any scrap paper I could find. In High School my interest increased and I took as many art electives and workshops that I possibly could. I've always loved to create, and I'm hoping to persue a career that allows me to delve into my passion even further.

2. I've been at Baylor for seven years, since sixth grade. I chose to participate in the art program because art is what I am passionate about, and I was excited for all of the unique and fun art classes that Baylor had to offer.

3. I love painting with acrylic and drawing with ink pen, but for my 3D work I use fabrics and recycled materials to create clothing. I really like working with denim and the recycled materials such as paper and plastic. I'm also learning to knit which has been really fun to work with as well.

4. My favorite peice is probably a dress I made at a pre-college program over the summer. It was my first dress I had ever made and it turned out so well. I made it to fit me which is really cool because now I can wear it proudly!

5. My concentration theme is reconstructed/deconstruction. I'm making clothes while applying this theme, which entails creating a peice and destroying it, or taking an item that's already made and cutting it up to create something else. I chose this theme because it has been a way that I go about making art at times, and I really wanted to unite the two opposites of creation and destruction. My process helps me create new unexpected pieces that force me to look at things differently than I normally would.


Marly Toledano

1. I became interested in the arts throughout Elementary and Middle School. In eighth grade, there were only two students in my studio art elective. Because of that experience, I was able to grow as an artist.

2. I have been at Baylor since my Sophomore year. I have always taken art as a break from the academic intensity of the rest of my schedule.

3. I like to draw and paint, especially with gouache and oils.

4. So far, my favorite piece is a little girl I painted in purple and white. The reason is that I actually was able to create an image that interested me and demonstrated my own personality. While it might not have been the best piece I produced, I had the most fun doing it and it was ultimately the most satisfying.

5. My concentration is landscapes and I made this decision based on the experience I accumulated painting in Panama.


Anne Thomas Hooper

1. I’ve always had some sort of art project or creative activity to do ever since I was younger, but I never truly became interested in art until around fifth grade. I began to see art as more than just a fun activity. Art became something I that I look forward to and appreciate.

2. I’ve been at Baylor for seven years now. I started in sixth grade and I have finally made it to senior year. I chose to take art classes because I have always needed some sort of creative outlet.

3. I use mostly oil paints, graphite, and charcoal. I enjoy using the different mediums to create different effects.

4. My favorite piece I’ve created, is an oil painting I did junior year in Mrs. Carmichael’s intermediate painting class. The painting was of another Baylor student who was modeling for us. This piece is my favorite because I feel I truly worked hard and the piece reflects that.

5. My concentration is doors, specifically, the texture on doors. I chose this as my concentration because I thought it would be interesting to create the texture and dimensions of the doors.


Chloe Eachus

1. I was required to take a Semester of art class, and once I took Mrs. Willet's Studio Art 100 I really began to love art.

2.I've been at Baylor for 7 years. At first it was a requirement from Baylor, but then I discovered art is very calming to me so I continued.

3.I have used markers, oil paint, pastel, water colors, etc.

4. An abstract piece on the Roman Coliseum. It changed the way I thought about art and I had a lot of fun making it.

5. My concentration is moving into adulthood, and I chose it because it's personal and happening to me in this momment.


Dustin Johnson

1.I first became interested in art when I took my first art class at Baylor. I enjoyed the class, and I wanted to pursue art.

2. I have been at Baylor for 7 years. I chose to participate in the art program because art was interesting and fun.

3. I use many mediums, anything from oil and watercolor to linoleum and sketches on metal. I enjoy keeping my options open.

4.I love an oil piece that I created of a wooden box and a mask. I like it because the end product was great, and I used great colors.

5. My concentration is technology through time. I chose this concentration because technology is so important in our lives today, and I thought it would be interesting to draw and paint the technology that was created to get us this far.


Jessica Xiong

1.My mom took me to an art show when I was five and I was obsessed with those art works.

2. I've been at Baylor 3 years. I participated in the art program because it's such a vital part in my daily life.

3. I use water color and pencil. I love painting and I can create individually.

4. My favorite peice was of a curtain.


Brandon Johnson

1. I have taken art classes my entire life, so I guess I have just always been interested in art.

2. I have been at Baylor since 6th grade, and I really wanted to take pottery when I got into the upper school and practice drawing and painting.

3. I work in clay mostly, which I really like doing.

4. My favorite peice was my dragon pot because it took me the longest amount of time to finish it, I worked on it the hardest, and I love the finished product.

5. My concentration revolves around animals with pottery because I have always liked all kinds of animals and found them fascinating.

Other AP Artists

Amelia Moore, Dylan Nash, Naomi Campbell, Kevin Lu